HelloTech vs Boxaid – Which Service is Right for You?

hellotech vs boxaid tech support

With PC and internet usage rising substantially over the past few years, its no doubt that the demand for quick tech fixes has risen dramatically as well. For people who are not tech savvy, having your PC break down can easily cause tens of hours of troubleshooting and time wasted. This is why company’s like Boxaid remote tech support and HelloTech have become quite popular in the world of online tech support. For a relatively low price, both of these services promise to deliver a long-lasting and quick solution to your PC problems at home or for your small business tech support needs.

But, you may be wondering, which service is better?

In today’s article, we’re going to cover the major differences between Boxaid vs. HelloTech, and when to use which service for your computer repair needs.

HelloTech vs Boxaid – The Major Differences

Boxaid’s Pricing

remote pc repair pricingHelloTech’s Pricing¬†

hellotech repair pricing

As you can see, in terms of price, Boxaid seems to be the better choice (especially for one-off issues). Pricing for remote tech support starts at $29.95 and goes up to $89.95 which is the maximum charge. Even if Boxaid works on your computer for several hours the maximum charge is still $89.95. If you really think that you’ll have a plethora of tech-related issues over the course of a year, HelloTech can be worth it since they only charge $99.00 for the year. So if you plan on using their remote service at least three times a year its definitely a reasonable price. But if they need to make a house call to fix something there is a full service onsite cost so that is not included.

Boxaid’s Main Features:

  • Boxaid offers computer support services remotely
  • No onsite visits by strangers to your home
  • Boxaid offers business services for you office
  • No monthly fees or hidden costs
  • Money back guarantee with no questions asked
  • Low price and only charged after service is complete
  • A focus on PC repairs and virus removal with no up-selling
  • All technicians are located in the USA and techs are never outsourced

HelloTech’s Main Features:

  • Supports mobile devices, smart homes, and wifi networks
  • Mostly in-person help which means scheduling
  • Offers fixed price or subscription-based plans
  • Offers additional in home services like TV Mounting and Camera Installation

As you can see, both services offer quite a different set of experiences and solutions.

Boxaid is Made in the U.S.A.

Boxaid specializes in online help – no travel needed. With that said, you can expect more experienced and professional online systems designed and catered for efficient support. Moreover, their employees have been through more online based situations and can, therefore, help quicker. In addition, all Boxaid technicians are located in the United States. Hellotech, on the other hand uses technicians outside the United States to keep costs low.

One last great thing about Boxaid is there guarantee. If your issue is not fixed – you will get your money back and you are never charged until your issue is fixed first. Boxaid does not charge the customer up front because not every issue can be fixed remotely. For example, if it is determined that there is a hard drive failure then you may need a new hard drive which would require an onsite visit.

HelloTech, based in Los Angeles California, is a tech support firm that has around the clock 24/7 contact and customer care system. Other than computer repair, they TV mounting, virus removal, and gaming consoles.

Although more versatile with tech repairs and setups, it also means they may not be as specialized to a particular solution. Because they have to spread themselves across several areas of expertise it is difficult to be an expert in all these areas which is again why they have to outsource their remote tech support to countries outside the USA.

Speed and Quality of Service

boxaid repair services

Boxaid makes sure it fixes the problem as soon as possible. Most Boxaid reviews on the tech solutions provider show that indeed they are fast. They are known for their fast response time and customer satisfaction. Finding a fix for computer software issues online skips all the tedious process of bookings and over the phone conversations which in my opinion can get a little frustrating at times.

Their technicians use a secure connection over the internet to diagnose the computer from a remote location. In doing so, you will be giving away control of your computer for a while as they get the problem sorted out but you get to watch the technician work so you can see everything being done and maintain that your data is not being stolen or misused.

As previously noted, HelloTech does have a remote service as well but I wouldn’t expect it to be better than Boxaid for two main reasons. First, Boxaid specializes in remote assistance, meaning their support staff has better experiences with this field. And second, HelloTech isn’t as specialized, meaning their employees likely have a broader knowledge of tech-related things but won’t be as focused when it comes to software related issues.

As for customer satisfaction – both Boxaid and HelloTech have great reviews, testimonials, UI, and media coverage. I wouldn’t doubt that both these companies could fix most of the problems people throw at them.

Boxaid Reviews

Boxaid is a 2017 Customer Choice Award Winner


Users with hardware issues such as screen cracks and battery issues are not the type of customer Boxaid supports. Cases that require an onsite visit are better suited for HelloTech. Both computer repair companies have their place in the industry but if you are looking for help with installation on site then HelloTech is the better fit. But if you are looking for quick fixes for your computer problems remotely without an onsite visit and technicians that are always in the United States then Boxaid is the company for you. Their specialized focus, long-term expertise, and low price are what they’re good at. Moreover, the remote nature of their service means that anyone it the world can utilize their service.

At the end of the day, your choice of a particular online PC repair service will likely depend on the problem that you have and the price you’re willing to pay.

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