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BoxAid.com is your hassle-free way of getting PC repair instantly over the phone without leaving your home or office. BoxAid is a privately held LLC (Limited Liability Company) founded in 2007 and is based in Rutherford, New Jersey. We never outsource our employees outside the United States. We will always stick with our roots which means quality, U.S. based technical support at reasonable prices. While other larger software companies are outsourcing their employees to countries that offer cheaper labor we believe that to prevent sacrificing quality and customer service we must preserve the foundation of the company by employing qualified experts where the company was founded which is in the United States.

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Where are your employees located?

All Boxaid employees are located in the United States. We receive dozens of emails per day from technical support service centers that would like us to outsource our employees to other countries. This is not part of our core business and have full intention of keeping all employees in the United States. If you are interested in employment with us please visit our careers page.

What kind of computer problems do you fix?

We offer technical support for any Windows or Macintosh user who can dial our toll free number no matter where they are located. We focus on solving software based problems relating to the operating system such as Windows or Macintosh. As long as we can access your computer we are usually able to solve the problem. Unfortunately, we can not fix hardware problems such as a failed hard drive or power supply since all our work is done remotely.

Do you make or sell software to fix my computer?

No. We do not write or sell software that will assist us in fixing your computer. Many of our competitors will attempt to sell you additional software giving you the impression that you need this software. We do not believe in selling additional software and focus on simplicity and reducing software on your PC instead of adding additional bloatware to slow down your PC. In addition, we do NOT partner with any software companies to up-sell additional software to you. If you browse our website you will see no advertisements or ad space being sold. We receive dozens of offers per week to sell advertising space but we do not participate in alternate revenue streams. We sell only one thing at BoxAid. A quality remote PC repair service by reputable professionals. Our reviews  and Facebook page speak for themselves.

Do You offer Onsite technicians at my home or business?

No. We only offer remote computer repair over the Internet. Most problems can be solved using this method but of course there are situations where you will need someone to come to your house or take your PC to a physical store. In this case you will be on your own to find someone who offers onsite PC repair. We will never charge you in these rare cases where you need someone to come to your home or business.

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