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Boxaid is a leader in providing online computer repair for end users and small businesses across the United States. We employ technical experts that can adapt to any customer problem that can range from complex virus removal to more common computer problems. Working at Boxaid as an expert technician is both fulfilling and challenging, offering the opportunity for excellent income potential. Boxaid employees are compensated per completed phone call not on an hourly rate like traditional online computer repair companies. Best of all, you do not have to punch a clock at Boxaid. You can work from the comfort of your own home office. You answer as many calls as you like per day and stop working at your own leisure. This means you can earn as little or as much as you like working for Boxaid. If you are interested in this online tech support job please send us your resume to [email protected] and include what hours you are able to work. Please make sure you meet the requirements below before submitting your resume.

Your Office MUST Meet these Requirements:
  • A quite secluded home office with no background noise
  • A reliable mobile or land line phone with a headset where calls can be routed
  • Unlimited outbound calling on phone to call customers back in the U.S. and Canada
  • A high speed reliable Internet connection for you computer
  • A modern computer with a virtual machine environment
Your Skills MUST Meet these Requirements:
  • You must have experience with remote control tools like LMI, Teamviewer and Screenconnect
  • You must have a professional and EASY TO UNDERSTAND phone voice
  • You must be a MASTER troubleshooter on Microsoft Windows and Macs
  • You must have extensive Windows security knowledge and experience
  • You must have EXTENSIVE knowledge about malware and removal
  • You must have knowledge of how to speed/tune up computers
  • You must have experience with drivers, printers and browser troubleshooting
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