Nine Reasons to Use Boxaid

We Make Tech Support Easy

We get it.  You are browsing our website and asking yourself “It seems like a reputable company but how do I know I can trust them?”  We speak to dozens of first time customers who are hesitant about using Boxaid’s online tech support.  Those first time customers are so ecstatic after their experience they end up referring us to at least five friends or relatives.  So if you have come this far, take a look at the reasons below why we think you should try Boxaid for your technical support needs.

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Reviewed by the WSJ

If you have not read the article written about Boxaid in the Wall Street Journal then you need to read it. This was an independent review, and we had no idea they were going to write an article about us. Boxaid and three of our competitors were reviewed in the article and the reporter had us do work on her computer just like any other customer. You can also view the article on the Wall Street Journal website if you prefer. Read the article and decide for yourself if Boxaid is the computer repair company for you.

Made in the USA

Boxaid is an LLC that is based and founded in New Jersey. Unlike our competitors we keep all our employees in the United States. This means we provide exceptional customer service to our customers regardless of where you are calling from. In addition, there are no language barriers since all our technicians speak English as their primary language. Finally, you can rest assured, that if you need to reach us again in the unlikely case of a problem with your transaction you don’t have to go chasing a company that is located outside the U.S.

No Upfront Payment

Yes you read that correctly. We do NOT charge you until our work is complete. So you must be satisfied that we have fixed your computer before we collect payment information from you. Our competitors always collect their money up front before they start working. This makes no sense to us. If you go to a restaurant does the waiter ask you to pay before your food arrives? Of course not. You need to make sure the food is to your liking and that you had and overall good experience. We believe the same concept applies here at Boxaid.

Security and Privacy

We use Paypal and Stripe for our credit card processing which means we don’t store your payment information anywhere on our systems. We collect your credit card at the end of our session, or you can use our secure shopping cart, and once your transaction is complete we can NEVER look up your credit card at a later time. To take this even further, if you don’t feel comfortable reading your credit card to our technician you can enter it yourself on our shopping cart page so we never see the information.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes we have a 100% money back guarantee. So if we charge you and several days later you feel your computer is not working properly then we can take another look or you can simply ask us for a refund. You will not have to try to chase us down, or fill out some complex form for your refund. If you are not happy then we simply refund your money. No questions asked. To put this in perspective, we only process a handful of refunds per year. This is a rare occurrence, but rest assured, we want to make sure you are happy.

No Monthly Fees

That’s right. We have a very simple pricing model. Which means there are no surprise charges on your credit card. No weird setup fees, no monthly fees, no “It’s Wednesday, so we need to charge you double fees”. All our charges are one time only and we have a max fee of $89.95 so we will not charge you more than that regardless of how long we work on your computer. Finally, there are no forms or user accounts to sign up for. The last thing you need is one more username and password to keep track of.

The Easy Button

Gone are the days of packing up your computer or laptop and driving to your local computer repair store. We know you don’t have time to waste and need your computer fixed now not later. The best thing about Boxaid is your computer is fixed within a few hours and you are back to your day. Boxaid is true convenience and what our customer’s love. Best of all, we are not here to sell you something you don’t want like software or some long term contract. If we can’t fix your computer we will give you some advice and wish you the best. No charge.

Hundreds of Reviews

In addition to the BBB rating we have, there are hundreds of independent reviews of Boxaid on Facebook, Computer Repair Expert, Yelp and countless other websites. We know our competitors create fake reviews on a regular basis but read our reviews and judge for yourself if they are real or fake. We don’t need to make up fake reviews because our customers do such a great job of reviewing Boxaid for us. Finally we have recorded testimonials that our customer’s have called in and left for us on voice mail.

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