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Yes! its that easy

How It Works

If you are familiar with the concept of remote controlling a computer then this should be nothing new to you. We use a special piece of software depending on what kind of PC problem you have, that you download to your computer. The download is very small and quick. This allows us to connect to your computer securely as if we were sitting in front of it. There is no need for a technician to come to your home.  Most importantly, you still have the ultimate control over your computer.  You can sit there and watch us work making sure that your important data stays private.  If for any reason you want to disconnect our online tech support session, with one simple click you can disconnect the computer repair technician and it’s impossible for them to get back in to your PC.

Still not sure about Boxaid? Watch our video to learn how our tech support works.


Call us at our Toll Free number 800-999-6872 which will connect you to one of our expert technicians in the United States. Tell us your computer problem and we will let you know if we can fix it or not for no charge. Don’t forget, we can remove viruses and also tune up your computer if its running slow.


Your online tech support technician will tell you exactly how to connect them to your PC. You simply visit a special page on the Boxaid website, download a small file and within minutes the technician is able to start working on your PC over a secure encrypted connection.


Finally, the technician will work on your computer while you watch. If the technician is successful you will confirm the work was done properly and once you confirm it the technician will ask for your credit card information and permanently disconnect from your computer.

How We Connect to Your PC

Here is a quick rundown of how we connect to your computer remotely to repair it or remove malware. We use the best remote control software on the market which is LogMeIn. This program is used by major corporations and small businesses alike. It lets us do our job with ease and makes sure your data stays private.

Monitor Your PC Technician

One of our big beliefs at Boxaid is “the less software the better”. That means we don’t install unnecessary software on your computer that will slow it down after we disconnect. We make sure to remove all our tools and software. This also allows you to make sure that your privacy is not at risk after we disconnect from your computer.

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