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computer repair service questionsBoxaid online computer repair service repairs over one thousand computers on a monthly basis. Our service has been online since 2007 so we have built a significant base of customers that are constantly referring our technical support and virus removal service to friends and colleagues.  We always make sure our customer service is the best in the industry and answer all questions from potential customers and past customers. We often receive questions after a new customer has used our online PC repair service and they end up calling us back for an occasional question after their PC is repaired by one of our expert technicians.  So in the interest of answering the most common questions from our customers after they use our service, this blog post addresses these common areas.

Is There a Fee if I Call Back?

If you have some follow up questions after you use Boxaid, never fear, there is no charge if you call us back.  You can use our regular toll free number found in the upper right of our website to call us any time after your repair.  Once we have charged you, you may realize there was something you forgot to ask our technician and of course we would be happy to answer your question at any time with no additional charge.

I’m still having the same PC Problem, Now What?

If you called Boxaid about a specific problem such as an email issue, virus problem, or tune up performance and you are still having a problem after you have been charged just call us back.  Don’t forget we have a full guarantee on our work and that means you must be a satisfied customer or we will refund your money with no questions asked.  If you still have the same problem after our technician has charged you, simply call back the technician you worked with and he will see if there was anything that was missed.  This sometimes occurs in virus removal situations.  On average we find that sometimes a virus will return to a computer after we removed it in about 5% of virus removal cases.  This is because the malware writer’s are significantly getting better at evading typical virus protection programs like McAfee and Symantec.  We do everything in our power to look for any remnants that the virus leaves behind but occasionally we will miss an entry that will cause the virus to appear that it has been removed and it re-spawns after a day or two.  Regardless, call the same technician you worked with and we will solve your problem at no additional charge.

How Do I Contact the Same Tech that Worked on My PC?

Of course you don’t want to call us back and explain your problem all over again to a new technician.  This is a common occurrence with our larger competitors.  If you call them back you have to explain your entire computer problem all over again to a new technician.  This is not the case with Boxaid.  We know it’s imperative that we have continuity with our customers.  That means you can easily find the technician you worked with originally at Boxaid.  In fact, we often find that once our customer’s find a technician that they like they insist on only working with that technician moving forward for any future repairs on other computers.  Just ask for your technician by name or grab their personal extension when you are done working with them.

Do you Leave Any Software on My PC?

This is a very important question.  Many of our customers often neglect to ask this question.  We do our best to make it crystal clear that we do NOT leave any software on your PC.  This is important because many of our competitors leave an entry for their remote control software to get back on to your PC much quicker.  This is great for the technician because he can easily get back into your PC with one click if you have any future problems.  But on the other hand, it’s a serious invasion of privacy.  There is absolutely nothing from stopping a technician from connecting to your PC in the middle of the night and copying files, adding files, or looking at anything they like.  Not to mention, that the program they left behind is always running on your PC and slowing it down.  That’s why at Boxaid we take this very seriously.  We have a simple philosophy;  the less software the better.  That means never leaving any software behind on your computer ESPECIALLY if it invades your privacy.

Do I have to Pay for this Antivirus Program?

If you called Boxaid with a virus or malware problem, sometimes we will remove your current antivirus product (if you had one) and replace it with an alternative.  This can be done for multiple reasons.  You could have been paying money for your current antivirus product and the one we installed is free; or we felt the antivirus product we installed for you would do a better job of protecting you in the future from malware.  Rest assured, you do NOT have to pay for what we installed.  At the time of this writing, we usually install Avira Free Antivirus because we feel it offers the best malware protection at a reasonable price (free).  There are over 50 antivirus products on the market and some are free and some cost money, but at the end of the day none of them are 100% effective against blocking all malware.  Occasionally Avira may “nag” you and ask you to buy their full version (around $40) which comes with extra bells and whistles you don’t need.  You do NOT have to buy the full version.  It is up to you if you choose to buy it.  We do not have any agreements or partnerships with Avira and do not make any commission if you buy their software.

What will my Bill look like on my Credit Card?

If you took a look at our frequently asked questions page you can see we use Square or Paypal for our credit card processing.  You can use Paypal to have money deducted directly from your Paypal account or you can give your credit card number over the phone to the technician that worked on your PC.  In either case the transaction will be clearly marked and include the Boxaid name on the transaction.  Here is an example of a credit card statement entry.

Will Someone Ever Call me Back from Boxaid for Any Reason?

phone iconWe have our customer survey form and multiple ways of reaching us at Boxaid such as Facebook and traditional email.  This usually is enough to let us know if you are a happy customer or not which is always our main concern.  Occasionally, someone from our management team may pick up the phone and call you to confirm that your tech support experience was exceptional.  That’s about it in terms of us calling you back.  Unfortunately, there is a common trend that we see with our customer’s.  They get phone calls from other PC repair companies claiming that they are following up on their recent tech support service and are looking to connect to your computer.

They are extremely aggressive and insist that your files are in danger.  If they connect to your PC they will undoubtedly try to scare you by showing you some random files and tell you they are viruses or malware that will erase all your pictures and files.  What do they claim is the solution?  Your money of course!  They sometimes tell you it will ONLY cost you $500 to fix this (which is insane) and then slowly lower their number to something you agree to like $200.  It goes without saying this is NOT a representative from Boxaid!  Hang up the phone immediately and DO NOT let them connect to your computer.

How does this happen?  Well when you were searching for a computer repair company or virus removal service on Google you may have tried calling a few different companies to compare prices for service. Well if you were unlucky enough you may have called one of our competitors located outside the United States and decided against using their service.  Now they have your phone number and will start calling you with this common scam. It works out well because they know you had some kind of computer problem in the past.

How do we know all this?  From thousands of customer stories and from first hand experience.  Yes! We call our competitors all the time to see what they charge, where they are located, etc.  We found many of our competitors calling us back and trying this exact scam on us. Please don’t believe anyone who is asking you for money up front.

12 thoughts on “Most Common Questions After Using Boxaid”

  1. This is to complement an amazing employee. Kristina [ext. 807] did an unbelievable great job fixing my computer today!! She was able to not only fix my original problem but she also fixed the mess three other online techs screwed up. I will only use Boxaid and only use Kristina for all my computer needs and problems going forward. She deserves a raise!!

  2. Kristina is very helpfull in explaining what see is doing, and does a GREAT JOB! I will use her always in the future.

  3. Wow!!! It was something … Awesome experience! Thank you to Christina!

    My laptop barely worked. I tried couple times to remove some virus from browser and It didn’t work.

    Christina really saved my laptop and released me from a headache. Due my assignment I have lack of time. I think I never saw so many viruses, trojans, and malwares before in one computer ?

    The work costs every penny!
    Christina! Thank you! Really appreciate your help!
    If something happens again, I know who can help me 🙂

    Thank you again

  4. Let me say without hesitation, being a small business owner for many years and being totally illiterate in computer science, Christina came to the rescue.
    I was dealing with a local vendor that was having issues in correcting my problem adding to my anxiety. This led me to search for another solution and thank goodness I found Boxaid !!! If your having any issues with your computer please give Christina a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Kristina is an amazing employee and did a great job fixing my computer. I will always ask for her when I need help.

  6. My favorite Tech person is Kristina. I have used Boxaid a number of times. Kristina has been my tech and she never ceases to amaze. You tell her your problem and she fixes it. You can not stump this lady. She is on top of her game and I could not be more pleased with the work she has done. I tell everybody about this company. You can do a lot worse with other companies but you can’t do better than Boxaid. These guys are for real and Katrina is a true magician.

  7. Barbara Seesholtz

    i found Boxaid on the computer while looking for a new company to call when i need help, and it was
    strictly accidental that I found Boxaid, and that Kristina was the tech that answered my online chat. I love
    her and want no one else to work on my computer from now on. She is awesome! Thanks Kristina for being
    there for me, and for the excellent work you do!!

  8. Kristina provided excellent and skilled service. My laptop is running great now. I will definitely use this service in the future.

  9. I spent hours trying to diagnose and repair the problem myself. No luck, nothing but frustration. Spoke with Christina who had the problem fixed in under 10 minutes. Wow!! This was money well spent. She offered excellent advise on other issues. I will definitively use Boxaid again.

  10. George was wonderful. He fixed a pathing issue on one computer, made sure the server was backing up correctly and in a subsequent session got all of the mal-ware off a pc. This was after the geek squad failed to do it. Wonderful customer experience and I would recommend their service to anyone. Very reasonable pricing and the problem was fixed when boxaid was done.

  11. Adam did a great job,spent extra time, everything is running smooth now. No more Geek Squad trying upsell every time I call. Thank You Boxaid,Thank You Adam

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