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What is Strong Vault Virus

strong vault virusAt Boxaid remote computer repair we remove hundreds of viruses per day.  Lately we have been seeing a slightly different one on our customer’s computers.  It’s an application/virus that really embeds itself into your Windows operating system.  It goes by the name of Strong Vault Backup.  It usually comes down to your PC by a manual install of some kind of software that is usually freeware.  This makes a lot of people vulnerable cause so many of our customer’s haphazardly install freeware like games, utilities, registry repair software, etc. 

We have seen it packaged with several freeware utilities and once you install your program then Strong Vault embeds itself on your computer.  It then gets you to try to install additional components like browser toolbars, and other utilities that it starts to download in the background.  Eventually your computer starts slowing down to crawl and you are getting dozens of popups that you can’t get rid of.  Several of our automated virus removal tools are struggling with this specific virus and it is difficult to remove.  Even if we are able to remove the core files for Strong Vault, there are still several remnants left over in Control Panel and your folders that must manually be removed.  If all components are not removed then the virus reactivates in a day or two and downloads new versions of itself.

This is definitely a tough one to solve, and at Boxaid, our online virus removal experts have definitely mastered the art of removing this annoying malware.  As always, you can try the best tools out there like Malware Bytes and we have been having some luck with Hitman Pro but it’s definitely not consistent and requires manual removal actions by our technicians.  Otherwise, if you are still having trouble removing it, give the virus removal experts at Boxaid a call at 800-999-6872 and we will remove it for you.

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