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What is DomaIq and How to Remove It

domaiq websiteAt Boxaid we perform dozens of online virus removals from personal and business computers on a daily basis.  Some of our customers are small businesses and some are simply end users who don’t know where to turn when they get a virus on their Windows computer.  Lately we have been running into a fairly popular piece of malware created by a company called DomaIq.  Now here are where the lines get blurry between official malware and spamware.  

This company has a completely legitimate website you can see here  But the software they make alters your PC in a sneaky manner.  They include their adware software with other software packages and do not make it obvious that they are installing it.  So technically this is not malware.  How is this possible?  You the end user, chose to install this software when you installed something else; such as a game that looked appealing on a game website like Yahoo.  When this game was installed you received an opt-in message that said they will also be installing DomaIq as part of the game.  Therefore, you technically agreed to install this software when you installed your game.  In these cases, your anti-virus product like Symantec, McAfee or Avira will not catch this because you technically agreed to install it.  Eventually the anti-virus vendors will get enough complaints and they will start removing it if they are able to.

What Does DomaIq do?

domaiq ad imageIn the case of DomaIq it installs a browser extension that automatically highlights random words on any webpage you are viewing.  You can tell because the words will have two green lines underneath the words on every website you visit.  As you scroll over the highlighted word you will see a small windows popup that is advertising something and the expectation is that you will click on one of those small windows.  If you do, it leads to some website that maybe buying advertising from DomaIq.  This means that each time someone clicks on one of those pop-ups DomaIq will make a few pennies.  Multiply that with millions of potential computers that are running this program and that adds up to big bucks.

How do You Remove DomaIq from Your PC

This has been hit or miss so far with our Boxaid technicians.  There are multiple variations of this, so sometimes your antivirus product is able to remove it (we have seen Symantec do a good job of removing it) and sometimes it tries to remove it without success.  Our Boxaid experts have been finding that the best option is track down the last thing you have installed on your computer and uninstall it normally through add/remove programs.  The program generally does not use the term “domaiq” in the add/remove area.  It usually gets removed when you remove a game or utility that you recently installed.  If that doesn’t work then you may need some manual assistance.  Feel free to give the Boxaid virus removal experts a call.

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